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vlbonnie UTAU

Pixel art of J-LYN

I manage J-LYN, Mirac13, Next, Haven, and 90/0.
Discord: vlbonnie#1785
Twitter: vlbonnieart

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A strong alto/tenor voice

Click on a voicebank's name to download it.->>Arpasing<<: Recorded at F3 and A#3.
F3 oto (mostly) by DoodleBox, A#3 by vlbonnie (me.) Uses the 0.2.0 Arpasing reclist, but has extra recordings for better phonetic coverage.
>>REVELATIONS:<< A bipitch (G3, B3) CV-C append with a darker tone. Comes with alternate oto.ini files for use with Arpasing.->>CVVC Retake<<
A Japanese voicebank recorded at E3, G3, B3, and Eb4. Has the exact same American accent as the English voicebank, vocal fry extras, and some omake files.
CVVC Japanese (outdated)*
Recorded at F3. Has the exact same American accent as the English voicebank. There are no extra sounds like "つぁ/ヴ/いぇ."
-EXODUS: A rough-sounding Arpasing power append. Currently in progress.-
MMD Model:
Modelled by me, mostly. Adjustments, shoes, facials, and some rigging by caesarccedar (thank you so much ;w;)
--Character Info
Age: 19
Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)
Sexuality: ???
Species: Human/Slime hybrid
At the tender age of 6 months, Jaelynn was dropped into a vat of molten gumdrops. They miraculously survived and lived a relatively normal life. Currently, they work at a church daycare, but dream of becoming a rockstar.
They are dating Nuru Surai.

mira icon

A sweet, feminine alto

Recommended flags are b40V70 using bkh01.>>VCV<<: Monopitch voicebank recorded at F4. I'm not sure if I'll ever record more pitches/an update for this voicebank, but she's cute. The oto.ini is really bad.--Character Info:
Age: 7 (appears and acts 13-14)
Gender: Female (she/her)
Species: Robot
A happy go lucky girl with a powerful stage presence and some mischievous tendencies. She'll do your math homework if you ask nicely.

haven icon


I have no clue what flags or resampler you should use. Or which one I should use.>>CV-C Basic<<: ....Why does this voicebank have so many downloads??
An ingressed sound voicebank. I inhaled instead of exhaling to record this. It's at roughly F3 and sounds very...grainy???
Funny enough, this isn't at all what I imagine Haven sounding like.
1/3/2022 update: New standing art by EdmaiUnbound.--Character Info
Age: Young adult
Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)
Sexuality: Aroace
Species: Archaeopterix
An anxiety-ridden dinosaur with a sweet spot for romance novels and hot drinks. They don't have many friends, but hold the ones they do have dear.

Next icon by Cosmindart

A nasal, rock-oriented voice.

Icon by Cosmind.
Recommended flags are Y0H0F0P20B0 with TIPS or f2resamp.
>>CVVC:<< A bipitch (G3, B3) Japanese-oriented voicebank with lite English support, recorded using the same list as Number Bronze's "ganga" voicebank. Has "er/3" and "ae/{" vowels, English consonants, glottal stops, vocal fries, and a whisper append.
The oto.ini for the whisper isn't finished, but it's downloadable anyways...
Character Info
Age: i forgor 💀
Gender: I hardly know 'er
Sexuality: Yeah
Species: Wight/pseudohuman
A light-hearted test dummy with a memory that can be reset...probably. It's best that they can't remember what's being tested. Next likes raw meat, physical activity, and being gently held.

UTAU Terms of Use (J-LYN, Haven, Mirac13, and 90/0)*

These are the most current terms of use, and override any previous ones distributed with voicebanks.All terms apply to both the character and associated voicebank/voicebanks unless otherwise stated.You are required to state the name of the voicebank when using it or its samples.OK:
Redistribution of J-LYN, Mirac13, or Haven with or without edits. (If you redistribute an edited version, please mark it as such.)
Violent/Sexual content involving J-LYN, Next, Haven, or 90/0
Shipping/CP, but do not claim it as official
Human versions/furry versions/gender change, but do not claim it as official
Use of the voicebanks as voiceclaims for non-synth characters
Commercial use
Creating character merchandise (stickers, charms, pins, boxes etc) for anything other than personal use
Redistribution of 90/0 with or without edits.
Using 90/0 in conjunction with Mirac13, J-LYN, Next, or Haven (like in duets/group drawings)
Violent/Sexual content involving characters under the age of 18 (this includes Mirac13)
Drawing the characters with extreme changes to the features of their bodies (hair texture, skin/eye color, body type). Chibi art is fine.
Drawing J-LYN with eyes (Yes, I'm serious.)
Next has their own terms of use. A longer version is in their readme, but generally any use of the voicebank that isn't outright illegal is permitted. Attribution for the voicebank is not necessary, but do not misattribute it.
The character cannot be used commercially unless I give you permission. All other use is fine. Feel free to put them in a blender and turn them into a smoothie.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter at vlbonnieart or Discord at vlbonnie#1785.

UST/MIDI/etc. Terms of Use

All of my USTs/MIDIs must be used with credit to the original song producer/producers as well as me (vlbonnie) for making the UST/MIDI. I'd prefer if you linked to the original song upload as well.This page has the most current version of my terms of use, and overrides older terms of use as found in readme.txt❌You may not redistribute edited or unedited versions of my USTs publicly or privately unless you have asked me.
⭕You may distribute USTs/VSQs/etc made using a MIDI file I created.
>>>All my project files can be found here.<<<If you have any issues with my project files (lyric errors, note errors, questions, etc) feel free to contact me.-List of project files (these links go to the original song uploads. Please click the link above to access the USTs):Japanese
いよわ- 無辜のあなた (You are Innocent Monster) UST
いよわ- わたしは禁忌 (I am taboo) UST
しとお- なりそこない UST
にほしか- 不安 MIDI
Re:nG- 溺惑 UST
nyanyannya- ノエル・デ・フィガロ UST
nyanyannya- アビス in ワンダーランド UST
kemu, marasy-88☆彡 UST
Amitai- Patron of the Plague (Arpasing, Lyric input)
Dante- The Princess and the Devil (Arpasing)
DystoP- Stars (VCCV)
Esse-P- Gear Shifter (Arpasing)
Evanesence- Bring Me To Life (Arpasing)
Ferry- Macroapocalypse (Delta CVVC)
GHOST- Appetite of a People-Pleaser (Arpasing)
ippo.tsk- rose-tinted bitter grudge (CV-C Basic+)
Jack Stauber- Buttercup (Arpasing)
MARETU- コウカツ (English Cover) (VCCV)
Mindless Self Indulgence- Prescription (REALLY bad VCCV)
NAKISO- げのげ (English Cover) (VCCV)
Pumpkin Head, Vane- 8AM (Partly VCCV, partly Arpasing)
tart- N3RVE (Arpasing)
The Buggles- Video Killed the Radio Star (Arpasing)
Vane- This Is My Heart (VSQx, midi)
VocaCircus- Round and Round (VCCV)
Self-made songs:vlbonnie- a shape made of 5g energy appeared on my lawn (Arpasing)
vlbonnie- Morpheus and Helios (Arpasing)
vlbonnie- antivenin (Delta CVVC, VCV JP>EN)
vlbonnie- Parasomething (VCCV)
vlbonnie- erasure (UST, Lyric input only)
vlbonnie- instability (VSQx)

Next icon by Cosmindart

A middle aged tenor. Pronounced "クレイ・オー/k l ey ow"

Recommended flags are Mb0P40 with Moresampler.A monopitch CVVC voicebank using Number Bronze's "ganga" list. Lacks vowel transitions due to recording difficulties.At the time of writing, 90/0 is a semi-private voicebank. Contact me directly if you would like to download him, but please keep in mind the answer may be "no."